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I’m a designer born and raised in southern California, currently in Los Angeles. I’ve spent my previous years touring the country as a drummer and recording for artists of almost every genre, bringing me inspiration from different perspectives, and bridging communication between artist and audience. This outlook has helped me in my work experience as a salesman and a recruiter for tech companies, which lead me to focus on bridging communication between businesses and individuals.
Inspired by my professional background in Sales, Business, and Music Production, I specialize in high-energy listening and understanding to produce desired results.

"Joey's presence brightens up any room. Any company would be lucky to have him on their design team. In the time that I've known him, Joey was always energetic, reliable, and thoughtful approach to his projects and people. He was always ready to take on the next challenge or learn something new. Working with Joey was an absolute honor, he gave a fresh perspective on designs and delivered insightful feedback. An important thing about Joey is that he responds well to feedback. He takes any challenge as an opportunity to be creative and thoughtful. Overall, Joey is a charismatic and thoughtful person to work with."

"Joey is such an incredible team player; he is thoughtful in his approach to UX and has an eagle's eye when it comes to spotting UI details on a micro level. Joey and I enjoyed each step of the UX process together; especially working through our initial design ideation phase. Joey's vision and creative lens inspired me to experiment more with UI elements and get more comfortable using Figma to ideate on multiple possible solutions. This is something he is very skilled at. Joey also has a great way of speaking with stakeholders and clients that creates a sense of trust, sincerity, and warmth. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Joey is in for a great experience, to say the least."

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